Tailgating Is A Big Problem In Ohio

A new report issued by the Ohio High­way Patrol, says dri­vers who don’t leave enough space between vehi­cles cause far too many crashes. Tail­gat­ing, or fail­ing to main­tain an assured clear dis­tance ahead was the most fre­quent cause of crashes over­all in Ohio in 2014, account­ing for 67,886 crashes on Ohio road­ways, and 62 deaths along with 27,294 injuries. Troop­ers wrote 11,926 cita­tions that included a tail­gat­ing vio­la­tion last year, with most hap­pen­ing between the after­noon rush hours of 2–7 p.m. Police point out that if a car is trav­el­ing at 65 mph, it is trav­el­ing nearly the length of a foot­ball field in just three sec­onds. If the vehi­cle in front slams on the breaks, and there isn’t enough dis­tance between cars, there’s no way to stop before it is too late. Troop­ers urge all dri­vers to main­tain a safe fol­low­ing distance.

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