Tire Disposal Day Set In Steuben

In Steuben County, the Plan­ning Office is… well… plan­ning.

Dis­posal of tires will begin to cost you this sum­mer in Steuben County.

Now, county offi­cials are plan­ning to have a “Tire Recy­cle Day” at the County High­way Depart­ment some­time in July.

They say they were over­whelmed dur­ing a “Tire Amnesty Day” last year when they col­lected enough tires to fill seven semis.

They plan to charge $2 for pas­sen­ger and race tires and $10 for semis, trac­tor and agri­cul­tural tires, but it’s a safe and san­i­tary way to dis­pose of old tires, which can har­bor mos­qui­tos and cause health concerns.

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