Wauseon Gets Grant $$

Wauseon has been awarded $300,000 in grant money for a down­town revi­tal­iza­tion project. The Ful­ton County Com­mis­sion­ers were informed of the award in the com­mu­nity devel­op­ment block grant pro­gram. Prop­erty own­ers can now apply for funds to make upgrades to their build­ings in down­town Wauseon.

Wauseon was cho­sen out of a field of more than 75 appli­ca­tions for a total of $20 Mil­lion in grant money.

The tar­get area of down­town Wauseon will be from the Hunt­ing­ton Bank to the North, and the cour­t­house area to the south. More details on how you, if you are a prop­erty owner there, can get some of those grant dol­lars is avail­able by con­tact­ing Ful­ton County Commissioners.

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