Williams Co. Courthouse Closer to Hiring More Security Staff

New secu­rity screen­ing mea­sures are closer to fruition at the Williams County Cour­t­house. A walk-through metal detec­tor, though not yet in oper­a­tion, has already been installed at the pub­lic entrance on the west side of the build­ing. Ear­lier this week, court offi­cials approved an order to hire a full-time secu­rity offi­cer who will staff the new metal detec­tor dur­ing reg­u­lar busi­ness hours. Another metal detec­tor will be placed at the court­rooms. Addi­tional part-time secu­rity staff could also be hired as the cour­t­house responds to direc­tives to beef up secu­rity from the Ohio Supreme Court.

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