Unem­ploy­ment in Williams County is on the rise. Accord­ing to the Bryan Times, Williams County unem­ploy­ment increased to 6.7 per­cent in May from 6.6 per­cent in April.

Defi­ance County’s rate remained at 6.9 per­cent.

Ful­ton County’s rate dropped from 7.9 per­cent in April to 7.4 per­cent in May.

Henry County’s unem­ploy­ment rate also dropped from 7.8 per­cent in April to 7.3 per­cent in May.

Statewide unem­ploy­ment rates unfor­tu­nately, fol­lowed Williams County. May’s statewide rate rose to 6.9 per­cent from April’s rate of 6.7 per­cent. Nation­ally, the rate also uncreased from 7.5 per­cent in April to 7.6 per­cent in May.

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