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A fam­ily of eight lost their home in a week­end fire near Scott.

The home belong­ing to the Rich Strunk­en­burg fam­ily in Pauld­ing County caught on fire Sun­day after­noon around 5.

Now, the Cres­cent News reports that a spe­cial fund has been set up to help the fam­ily at the Van Wert Fed­eral Sav­ings Bank.

For­tu­nately, nobody was hurt in that fire, and although the exact cause has yet to be offi­cially deter­mined, the state fire mar­shal had a team on the scene to try to fig­ure it out.

Just about every­thing is needed right now by the fam­ily, who lost pretty much every­thing in the blaze that hit right after Christ­mas.

The Amer­i­can Red Cross in Pauld­ing was able to pro­vide food and cloth­ing to the fam­ily, as well as shel­ter at a Van Wert hotel for three days.

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