Henry Electronics Drive

Now that the third annual Henry County elec­tron­ics recy­cling roundup is his­tory, offi­cials there say 32 tons of elec­tronic recy­clables were turned-in on April 5th. The drive also raised money for the local schools. Napoleon high school col­lected over 18,000 pounds of elec­tron­ics, which gen­er­ated over $1,300, along with the bonus of $500 for being #1 in Henry County.

Hol­gate col­lected more than 16,400 pounds, with Lib­erty Cen­ter com­ing close with only about 75 pounds less.

Patrick Henry col­lected more than 14,000 pounds of elec­tron­ics.

The Camp­bell Soup Com­pany donated a $200 incen­tive to each of the four schools in Henry County.

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