Lib­erty Cen­ter Local Board of Edu­ca­tion will hold a spe­cial meet­ing this evening at 6:30 to decide the site of the pro­posed new pre-kindergarten through grade 12 school.

So far, the board’s site dis­cus­sions have cen­tered on two major options — Option Black, a one-story build­ing located on an unde­ter­mined generic new site; and Option Orange, a two-story build­ing located on the exist­ing school prop­erty.

There is a pos­si­ble third option now on the table for dis­cus­sion, called the “Tiger Plan.” It is much like Option Orange, but with­out con­struct­ing swing space to hold classes dur­ing the build­ing process.

Pro­po­nants of the Tiger Plan say it would save an esti­mated $600,000 in land acqui­si­tion costs con­tained in Option Black and an esti­mated $500,000 in swing space costs con­tained in Option Orange.

School offi­cials say much infor­ma­tion is expected to be revealed and dis­cussed at tonight’s meeting.

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