New headquarters planned for financial company

Defiance City Council paved the way for a new corporate headquarters to be built in the city that will likely bring new jobs. The company is Credit Adjustments, which works to collect health care and student load debt. They have plans to build new headquarters in the next two years on Latchaw Drive. Council approved the plan to provide the Defiance County Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) with $50,000 each year for 10 years “to fund a job creation incentive award” to Credit Adjustments.
According to a news release from Credit Adjustments, they will hire “at least” 120 additional people over the next two years. The jobs — “a combination of customer service and collections positions” — will pay “$18-19 per hour including benefits,” the news release stated, while applicants are encouraged to visit the website
In May, council approved legislation allowing the transfer of two parcels of city-owned land on Latchaw Drive to the CIC for the development.

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