Property Infringement In Edon

Dis­cus­sion at Mon­day night’s Edon Vil­lage Coun­cil meet­ing cen­tered around just how deeply coun­cil and the plan­ning com­mis­sion should be involved in a prop­erty dis­pute between neigh­bors.

The dis­pute cen­ters around an addi­tion that was added to a home which appears to be infring­ing on the set­back of a neigh­bor­ing prop­erty.

A vari­ance was never requested, and a stop work order was never issued. Coun­cil feels that it should have been up to the prop­erty owner who was being infringed upon to take action at that time, not now that much of the con­struc­tion is fin­ished.

Accord­ing to the Bryan Times, the intru­sion extends one foot, three inches over the eight foot setback.

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