Begin­ning Sun­day, dri­vers could legally drive 70 mph on the new U.S. 24 from Water­ville to just west of Napoleon.

The new speed lim­its, effec­tive yes­ter­day, come fol­low­ing an over­haul of state high­way speed lim­its.

The new speed limit applies to both cars and trucks, but in some cases the lim­its will remain the same for cars but increase for trucks.

In all, the lim­its on 607 miles of road­way statewide have been changed.

The Gen­eral Assem­bly, after ini­tially call­ing for the speed limit on rural Inter­states to go from 65 mph to 70 mph, later ordered ODOT to look at so-called Inter­state look-alikes — four-lane divided high­ways that are not part of the fed­eral Inter­state sys­tem and other roads to see where lim­its should be increased.

About 194 miles of rural divided high­ways will go to 60 mph statewide, 15 miles of rural express­ways with­out traf­fic con­trol sig­nals will go to 65 mph, and 398 miles of rural free­ways will go to 70 mph.

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