Pit Bulls Questioned In Fulton County

In Wauseon, local offi­cials are try­ing to come to terms over an ordi­nance con­cern­ing dan­ger­ous dogs. All pit bulls were, until 2012, con­sid­ered vicious under Ohio Law. How­ever, the gov­er­nor signed a law that year that dropped pit bulls from that list.

Some local laws though, still con­sider pit bulls a threat to safety. Ful­ton County is one of them. That means that any pit bulls that are brought into the ani­mal shel­ter there can­not be adopted, and if their owner can’t be located, they must be eutheanized.

Now, a group that calls itself Ful­ton County No Kill is try­ing to get that changed. The group says pit bulls suf­fer from a stereo­type that all of them are dan­ger­ous. They claim oth­er­wise, say­ing any breed of dog can be dan­ger­ous if improp­erly trained or cared for.

There is no breed-specific leg­is­la­tion in Williams County, although the Bryan Times reports that some vil­lages, includ­ing Edon and Pio­neer, passed laws in 1988 defin­ing pit bulls as “vicious,” which requires them to be “securely leashed and muz­zled” when in public.

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